What Mozart does

A brief summary of Mozart's features




is a top-quality music notation program which delivers print-out and instant playback for anything from a single melody line to a full orchestral score, at a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay for such state-of-the-art, user-friendly software.

Features include:

  • intuitive and rapid note entry via the computer keyboard;
  • easy editing including instant transposition;
  • play-back on demand;
  • strict adherence to music syntax;
  • easy entry of anything from simple studies and exercises to full orchestral scores;
  • transposing instruments from a comprehensive, integrated instrument database;
  • lyric syllables automatically alignedunder notes;
  • automatic beaming of note stems according to time signature;
  • automatic handling of repeated accidentals;
  • percussion notation;
  • tablature for lute, guitar, banjo, ukulele,...

and much, much more.

Mozart quite generally takes the drudgery out of writing music down, allowing you to concentrate on the compositional aspects.


is available in the form of a comprehensive integrated help system which is easy to use, as well as a step-by-step tutorial manual, and full internet support.


An illustration showing the first line of a quartet score. including chord names and percussion notation




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