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The Mozart discussion group is there for all Mozart users - whether you're just trying the program out or whether you're a real expert or anywhere in between.  It is in the form of a mailing list hosted by "groups.io".   The button on the right takes you there.

Any topic to do with MOZART the music processor is welcome, "How do I do this...?",  "I've just had a great idea for how to...",   as well as related questions like "What's the lowest note a saxophone can play?".  Anything which helps with using MOZART in fact.

And if you can give an answer or idea in response to any of the questions or comments, then so much the better. 

The mailing list has been running for some time now and there are some very nice, "regulars" there from all over the world, who help to make it a very friendly and, it has to be said, sometimes light-hearted forum. 

What is a mailing list?

If you've never joined one, this is a good question.    Basically you join.  Any e-mail you send to the list is then received by all subscribers, and you receive as an e-mail from [mozart-software] other subscribers' contributions.   Some days there are up to half a dozen messages, some days none.  But if you get fed up you can always unsubscribe.

An alternative which some people prefer is not to receive the e-mails at all but rather go to the [mozart-software] group at the Groups.io web site and read recent messages on-line there.

How do I join?


Go to the group (see button right) and

  • If you haven't already done so, sign up for groups.io
  • Join the mozart-software group

Instructions on the group home page for subscribing, unsubscribing, and configuring your membership are fairly clear and intuitive.

How do I contribute?

Once you've subscribed just send an e-mail to


or reply to any message you get from there.

You can now attach images or .mz files to illustrate your message. But please be aware that the group has a maximum capacity for file attachments, and if/when that is reached, older contributions will start to disappear automatically, so please don't rely on attachments being there forever!

How do I view the discussion on-line?


We are very cosmopolitan, and you may post in any language, though it is fair to say that more people will be able to respond if you use English.  The author of Mozart is happy to respond also in German or French (and maybe on a good day in Italian).

Historical footnote

The Mozart discussion/support group has been available since the late 90s. From 2000-2019 it was hosted by "Yahoo Groups". But in October 2019 we heard that that august organisation is closing its doors. So from that point Mozart discussion/support has moved to groups.io - an organisation specifically created for our kind of conversation. We've heard many excellent reports of groups.io and look forward to a long sojourn there.




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