Thanks to all those who have contributed to this "Mozartists' page".

If you use MOZART and would like to join in here - please e-mail including a paragraph, broadly in the style of those below, outlining your musical interests.

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Mozartists:    the Mozart Users Association

Gerald Albrecht

Initially I used MOZART to prepare christian and jewish songs my wife uses in a prayer group at the church Mary-Queen of Peace at Neviges. It now has become a joyful activity in itself where I try to make midi files suitable for web page publishing. The main problem is to choose an instrumentation which will fit aesthetically to a broad range of sound cards. You may hear some examples at
December 1997
Updated March 2004
Link broken 2019

Barry Alexander

I live in Oakland California. I'm a bass player who is from a musical family. I use Mozart 7 to get some of the sounds I hear in my mind out. I tend to write strange pieces that correspond to what's going on in my mind at the time. I grew up listening to jazz as my father was a Jazz musician, more well known than I knew. Myself, I played Blues, R & B and Blues with some, very little, jazz. What I write is a combination of the Jazz , R & B, Blues and Soul patterns I hear and my love of things about the universe around us. What comes out is my interpretations of the images I get.
November 2010

Liana Alexandra

click for photo

Liana Alexandra, born in Bucharest, composer, Master in Music; Doctor in Musicology; Professor, National University of Music, Bucharest, Romania. Member of the Research Board of Advisors and Professional Women`s Advisory Board, American Biographical Institute, member of GEMA (Germany), UCMR (Romania) and Living Music Foundation (USA), the First Vice-President of Cultural Association Romania-Israel, member of ECPNM, of ISCM  a.s.o. I intend to compose a Symphony with the wonderful MOZART program.
February 2003

Dennis Allom

I'm not a practising musician - just a music-lover who's fascinated by why things sound the way they do, by musical notation and orchestral scores.  I reckoned one way of "getting inside" the music was to transcribe some of my pocket scores to MOZART.
January 1998

(Dennis has very kindly supplied an example by the real Mozart: "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" - see the examples page. It sounds so good on my new AWE64 sound card that it has reminded me why I named the program the way I did! -Ed.)

Dale C. Anderson

I am a 26 year old lover of classical and religious music. I sing in several choirs as a tenor, both at church, and with independent singing groups. I also love to play piano, recorder, and guitar. I have been using MOZART for all kinds of things, like transcribing and splitting up scores, as well as constructing midi files (see my homepage at I am so glad to see that this page exists (great idea, whoever thought of it!) I have already visited some of you, and am on my way to see the rest.  :)
June 1998

Avi Ariav

I play the Clarinet in the Kfar Saba Band, in Israel ( I also play  Soprano sax.  I like to use MOZART for editing my own work (mainly classical music and some Jewish traditional music) - as well as for arranging music for our band (what an easy way to have a tranposition job done...). In my site there are many scores generally arranged for three clarinets, ready for listening (MIDI), printing (WORD) and editing (MOZART).  I'm a computer engineer, and I find MOZART very friendly and enjoyable.
July 2001
Link broken 2020

click for photoDoug Azwell

I enjoy using MOZART to write my own music (classical style and swing).  I am a rabid fan of Baroque period music, especially Bach.  I commonly use MOZART to try to transpose music I hear back to sheet music.  It is quite difficult, but fun.  I am a song leader at the church I attend.  We sing acappella, so it is hard to learn the "new" songs that a lot of people don't know.  I use MOZART to learn these new songs then I lead them in Church services.
May 1998

Marlon Barros

My name is Marlon Barros. I am 33 years old and I am an electronic engineer. I play trombone and I belong to an orchestra that plays at a church called Congregaçao Crista no Brasil. I have been using MOZART to create MID files to record later in WAV format and finally build a CD to hear in my car, the problem is to choose an instrument that has the same characteristics as a true instrument. I come from a family of musicians and also like a lot of hearing classical music. I have a six year-old son who intends to play clarinet.
July 1999

Marc Baudin

- see "Le Canard Folk"

Thomas Baugh

I am a College Senior at Western Washington University in Washington State, USA.  I have been playing the trombone since the 4th grade, and along the way, learned how to play all of the other Brass instruments (I even got to play 2nd Trumpet in a European orchestral tour).  I have been arranging music since my first year of High School where I arranged themes from Superman, Star Wars, and 2001 (Also Sprach Zarathrustra) for the Trombone section of the Marching Band.  The 2001 theme was even broadcast on TV when our football team went to the state finals.  Since then, I have arranged for all kinds of ensembles from instrumental and vocal chamber music to full orchestra pieces.  I looked all over the net and stores for a program that was easy to use and didn't have a huge price tag.  Thanks to Dave for MOZART, I have had great success using it.  Lately, I have been arranging songs for my college's Trombone ensemble, in which I play Bass-Trombone. I am finishing up my schooling soon (hopefully) and will become a High School Band/Choral teacher.  After I get settled, I plan to restart my education towards a degree in orchestration.
September 1998

Michael Bednarek

G'day!   My name is Michael Bednarek, and I contributed the Figaro scores on this site. My musical interests are mainly theoretical; I play piano, trumpet and clarinet a little, my main instrument is the baroque recorder, which I once played sufficiently well.   I transcribe music because it is the only way for me to coming close to performing these pieces.  It gives me enormous pleasure to see, note by note, how a work is constructed, and how I can apply a program's tools to make it sound as I want it to hear: to interpret it.    I now have some more MOZART pieces at
November 1999
Updated December 2005

Alex Berger

I was born in 1994.  Music is the main theme in my life. I play piano, trumpet, euphonium, tuba, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, and flute. Many people ask me why I play so many instruments. My brain is sponging information, and it will be easy for me to learn now than when I'm older. My style of writing music is different from many others. When I play the piano, I record myself improvising. Then once I memorized what I played, I score it on the computer. I also have perfect pitch. That helps me improvise on the piano.   I've been writing for two years. I mainly write and listen to classical music, but I also write some contemporary music. I like taking Shakespeare plays and turning the into musicals. I have about 30 songs written. I mostly write for piano and chamber ensembles. Without Mozart, I'd probably find some other boring hobby. To all of the Mozart workers, think of yourself as one of my inspirations!
June 2006

Zak Berntsen

My name is Zak Berntsen and I'm 15 years old. I have been playing piano and composing for 8 years. Only having two years of piano lessons, most of my knowledge is self taught and through private study. The type of pieces I've composed are Blues, Classical, Modern Rock, Techno Mixing, Jazz, and ballets. I also been drumming for 3 years. My musical influences are The Doors, B.B. King, Bock, Hayden, Sound Garden, Stabbing Westward, Chicago, and James Brown.
November 1998

Zak now has a web site at where you can find more compositions - Ed
January 1999

Daniel Bingamon

I'm a Trumpet and Recorder player from the Cincinnati area. I also build small Pennywhistles flutes and other instruments. I use Mozart to put Messianic Jewish songs to paper music and for practice accompaniment.
April 1998

William Blows

I was born in July 1947 in Crayford, a town in Kent, England, and am now a lecturer in medical sciences at City University, London.  I am a self-taught amateur composer and I write music as a hobby. I do not play any instruments. My first symphony was performed at a public concert in 1976 and it won the Bexley Arts Festival Trophy. It is the only work I have had performed. My second symphony was completed last year and I am currently writing my third symphony. Symphonies 2 and 3 are written on "Mozart", as are my orchestral series Shades of Gold, Shades of Silver and Shades of Darkness. My website is  where you can find out more about me and my music.
August 2005

(2018: link obsolete?)

Wilm Boerhout

I do not play any instrument, and when Laura, my eldest daughter, started to play the clarinet at age 7, I looked for a way to support her in her studies.  Using MOZART, I was able to demonstrate how certain pieces should sound.  Later on, we found that playing duets was also possible, although it's still hard to get the clarinet and the computer's sound board in tune. The music section of my web page contains some MOZART examples. I like the "swing" feature especially.  My web pages at include some music produced with MOZART.
April 1998

Lennart Børjeson

I've been singing in church and amateur choirs since my teens. I use Mozart primarily to aid my personal rehearsal and for retyping badly written manuscripts. Since becoming a father of three kids I've had to put regular singing on hold, but the occasional weddings and other festivities among our friends and family still present ample opportunities for quartet performances now and then. My preferences are a capella, like Scandinavian "Nationalromantik" and some early 20 century masters like Dallapiccola, Martin, Rachmaninov, etc. Among modern singers I like The Real Group best.
July 2004

Gérard Boudet

Je suis ingénieur dans l'administration française, chargé de l'aménagement du territoire (rien de très musical jusqu'au présent !).  Je fais aussi partie d'un groupe amateur de musique ancienne (musique instrumentale du XIIIème au XVIIème siècle) qui porte le nom de Saltarello. Un site Web présentant la musique ancienne et le groupe sera publié d'ici quelques temps.  J'utilise MOZART pour mettre en forme les morceaux que nous jouons.

I am a French civil service engineer in charge of  land development (nothing very musical up to now!).  I also belong to an amateur early music group called "Saltarello" (playing instrumental music of the 13th to 17th centuries).   There will be a web site featuring early music and the group at some stage, with a link from here.  I use MOZART to prepare the music which we play.

November 1997

Update: the web site mentioned above is now on line at
August 1998

John Box

I am 15 years old and I have been playing the guitar for over five years now. I've been interested in making music for a few years now and MOZART has helped me a lot. I have recently started up my own website with a collection of songs that me and my friends at school have done at
March 2005

(2018: Link defunct?)

click for photo Cedric Brown

I am a part retired solicitor but I play clarinet and alto saxophone in my increasing spare time. Most of my playing has in the past been in my local Methodist Church and I have quite a lot of hymns/songs now in Mozart format which I am happy to share. More recently I have become involved with a couple of groups playing jazz - mainly jazz standards - one groups consisting of three altos and a tenor with the three alto players doubling on clarinet all playing to backing tracks and the other being trumpet, with alto, tenor, and baritone saxes + rhythm (that's me in the middle of the picture with the beard which I no longer have(!) and without the hat). I would be pleased to hear of any source of jazz standards in Mozart format for groups like mine.
July 2007

Le Canard Folk

Marc Bauduin joue de l'accordéon diatonique et est l'éditeur du mensuel belge "Le Canard Folk". Ce magazine traite de musiques et danses traditionnelles et contient régulièrement des tablatures pour accordéon et des partitions, réalisées avec le logiciel MOZART. Le site contient des fichiers midi de quelques-unes de ces partitions.

Marc Bauduin plays melodeon and is the editor of the Belgian monthly magazine "Le Canard Folk", a magazine about folk music and dances. Music sheets (for melodeon and for other instruments) written with MOZART are regularly published; some of them can be found in midi format on the French-speaking site
August 1998

Francesco Lo Cascio

I'm a professional musical critic and classically trained pianist.  I'm 27.   I began to study piano at 10, and also play violin and guitar.  My aim is to develop as a professional musician and establish a world-wide reputation as a piano performer.    I use some of my compositions, printed out with MOZART,  as an encore in my recitals.   My homepage - permanently under construction - is
December 1999

Emili Castelo-Branco

I play the trumpet in a wind ensemble which plays Catalan music called "COBLA". The instruments in the group are flabiol, tible and tenora, two trumpets, trombone, two fiscorns and contrabass.

There's information about traditional Catalan dancing on which describes the instruments as follows:  flabiol - small flute played with the left hand;  tamborá - small drum hanging from the shoulder of and played by the flabiolist;   tenora - a rustic oboe, bigger and longer than the oboe, similar to the cor anglais (English horn);   tible - same family as the tenora, but smaller and with a higher pitch;   fiscorn - a kind of tuba with a higher pitch.
December 1997

click for photoGary Jon Cooper

I have been an ordained Presbyterian Pastor since 1969, but I left parish ministry in 1993 to found a spiritual support work (no judgments, no proselytizing, just spiritual support) among people dealing with a cancer diagnosis, and with  their families.  I studied voice, piano and organ through high school and college, and now that music helps to fund my ministry.  I am an organist/choir director for a church of about 300 members in a suburb of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  This year I had the honor to be a tenor soloist on a CD made jointly by the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Symphony Brass, released this Christmas by Sony.  Several members of the Pittsburgh Symphony have been kind enough to premier some of my compositions.
April 2004

Thomas Cowdery

Well I share the same birthday as Mozart and so it's understandable that I love music, I breathe music, I live music. I play guitar in a band in my area and we play mostly classic rock with a smidgeon of country on the side.  MOZART has really helped me in my writing of music: since I learned first by ear, the one thing I really lacked in was writing music ( notes, staves etc). I've learned a lot and it's all thanks to the program which is named amazingly enough after my hero.
March 1998

David Craft

I'm a tenor, euphonium player, and lifelong lover of classical and other music who's had an interest in writing music for many years; it was MOZART that finally gave me the tools I needed at a price something less than a king's ransom.  I write for fun, and my styles are pretty much whatever the mood brings, from Joplinesque pieces to a cappella vocal to a (currently unfinished) Mass.  My other interests are as eclectic as my writing. (g)    I hope to start adding some of this music to my homepage ( in the near future.
July 1999
last updated March 2000

Aaron Craven

Hi, I'm Aaron Craven, a college freshman at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. I play trumpet and am also an amateur programmer. I have produced one original composition in Mozart32.  It is now on the website, so check it out on the contributions page.  In any case, I'd be interested to hear from any of you. MOZART RULES!!!
November 1997
last updated September 1998

Michael Dietz

My name is Michael Dietz and I am a 1976 graduate of The Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York where I earned my Bachelor's degree in music performance with trombone as my instrument. I performed as principal trombonist with the York and Harrisburg symphonies for 7 seasons. I founded The Keystone Brass Quintet in 1977 and four of the five original members are still with the group. I have arranged many pieces for the quintet and would appreciate your thoughts* back to
February 2008

*See the Moz-artistry page - Ed.

Adam Dopadlik

I am a recorder teacher and player living and working in Cambridge. As a professional musician I have already found Mozart very useful in preparing arranged parts for some of the ensembles I run at St. John's College School, Cambridge. I look forward to learning more about Mozart from both Dave Webber and other users.
May 1998

Adam Evans

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have played the clarinet for four years and the alto sax for two. I originally got the shareware version of MOZART because in a band I had to play French Horn music (key of F) on the Alto Sax (key of Eb). This helped because I could just copy the music onto the computer and then transpose it. After trialing the shareware version, my mum sent off for the commercial and it has been of great use to us.
December 1997

David Fillingham

I am a musician, composer, arranger and music teacher. I use Mozart for composing and distributing exercises and arrangements to my pupils via the Mozart viewer which both I and my pupils find very useful indeed.
January 2008

Graeme Fyfe

One of my hobbies is playing 'cello pieces on the bass guitar, and Mozart has helped ease the enormous tasks of transposing everything down eight semitones, writing out a neat score and learning the "tunes".  You might like some of the things on my website : 
October 1998
last updated December 2004

(2018: link defunct?)

click for photoTim Gill

Hello!  My name's Tim Gill, and I'm one of the incoming frosh at Vista High school in California, USA. I'm a trumpet player and arranger, and MOZART has been extremely helpful in providing a wonderful music program to fit all my arranging needs. I'm a traditional swinger, but I have an ear for all kinds of music including ska, classical, Bernstien/Gershwin, and alternative.  I'm an intermediate level MIDI sequencer and an avid music lover, all thanks to MOZART.
February 1998
last updated July 1999

Moshe Greebel

I live on the central coast of New Jersey (USA), where I work as a synagogue Rabbi, teach, and arrange (orchestrate).
October 2002 

John Grover

I am an upper-level intermediate - lower-level advanced recorder player (alto/bass) and use MOZART to recast music of interest in the right range or key for convenience to the F-recorder family.  In addition, have put a bit of music for alto sax in keys my son Colin can handle (he's about a year into that instrument) and cast some music written in the treble clef into the bass clef so my daughter Kathryn (about a year into the 'cello) can play it.
January 1998

Anthony Hart

Although I am British I am living in Malta. My main interest is in 18th century Italian music. I am using Mozart to transcribe the manuscripts of a Sicilian priest/composer, Antonino Reggio, who I am researching [So I'm glad of the older clefs in Mozart 9] (see  I hope, eventually, to produce an Edition of his works. I am also using it to prepare some works for the St John's co-cathedral Choir in Valletta. (see
July 2009

Russell Heath

I play trumpet with the Croydon Symphonic Band (we're off to play in Germany at the weekend) and occasionally in church on a Sunday morning with a few others. I have used MOZART to give me professional looking music for both bands and it does make a difference - hand written music can be very variable.
May 1998
last updated June 2000

click for photoJesuo de las Heras

I am a secondary school English teacher living in Murcia (Spain) and also have a degree on guitar.  I use MOZART to set up and maintain a web site at:
Visitors are welcome!
November 1997
last updated December 2000
link broken 2019

Darrel Hoffman

I am a graphic-design student at the University of Massachusettes at Lowell with a minor in music. I have been playing the piano for about seven years now, mostly self-taught. I use MOZART because I mostly play by ear due to my limited ability at sight-reading, and if I don't know what a piece sounds like, I have a hard time playing it. I started by sequencing several of Beethoven's piano sonatas, and then kept going until I had done every single one of them, and had to search for more piano literature to expand my repertoire.  Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto in C minor is the largest project I have yet undertaken. Without the newest version, it would not be possible, due to the necessity for chords on a single staff. I chose the third concerto because it is the only one I do not have a recording of, and also because it is the only one of the five in a minor key. I have always preferred Beethoven's minor works to the major ones. MIDI will never replace an actual orchestra, but I think the results are fairly impressive for the medium.
September 1999

Nigel Horne

I am a brass band composer, arranger and conductor. I'm well known as a percussion player in some of the country's top brass bands having been brought up as a tenor horn player. Some of the bands I've been involved with are Yorkshire Imps, Carlton Main Frickley Colliery and Hendon. I am also an accomplished choral singer - preferring small scale singing such as madrigal groups. I have studied music to degree level with the OU and am now studying for a B.A. in Brass Band Studies though Barnsley College (Sheffield University accredited). I dabble in writing for other groups, in particular Dutch fanfare orchestras and Sax ensembles. I run the brass band mailing list and web site ( on the Internet.
November 1997

Michael Howard

I am a final year senior at High School in Australia. I use MOZART to write music for Music class assignments. I play bass trombone in school ensembles, an excellent Jazz Ensemble, and even an Orchestra. ("Within the orchestra, the trombone players tell the best jokes. It's probably because they spend the most time counting measures, waiting to play.")

"Don't look at the trombones. It will just encourage them." --Richard Strauss
October 1997

click for photoToru Ikeno

I am an amateur horn (French horn) player with the Sakata Philharmonic Orchestra, Yamagata, Japan.  My web page at includes some music produced with MOZART.  As you know, W.A.Mozart wrote several concertos and chamber works for horn.  That is one of reasons why I use MOZART and love the name of this program, rather than Adolphe Sax or something else :-)
June 1998

click for photo Bengt Johnsson

An amateur reedsman (clarinet/alto sax/tenor sax), I am interested in most kinds of music, from Bach to Rautavaara and Sandstrom, including Brahms, from Bix to Mahavishnu and Tolvan Big Band, including Coltrane. Very proud of my bronze medal from "Oude Stijl Jazz Festival" in Breda, Holland, 1988.  I am a member of Linkoping Jazz Orchestra (was; and Rydskogen Joymakers (was  I would also like to recommend a visit to the site of the fantastic composer and piano player Steve Dobrogosz.

March 1998
Updated April 2002, November 2020

Lewis Jones

I am 18 and love early music, particularly Venetian polychoral music. I play organ, low brass, and sing, but my main instrument is the tuba, and as of September 2006 I will be studying it at Birmingham Conservatoire. I enjoy composing music in early styles, though I suppose I prefer the Venetian style to others (say Palestrina) as it allows for more spectacle, though I try and keep my antiphony slightly tasteful! My composition, harmony, counterpoint etc are all self taught, the same goes for my keyboard skills. MOZART has been a great aid in composing, practising and arranging (I have arranged quite a lot for my school concert band), I hope to make good use of it in my upcoming years at Birmingham.

June 2006

Maxim Kakitsev

I'm just a guy who likes music (including both classical and rock).  I'm learning to play a guitar and dream of playing in a band.
September 2001

Alfred Knapp

Ich bin Deutschlehrer an der Universität La Rochelle. Ich komponiere und arrangiere Musik für Vokal- und Instrumentalensembles, habe im Ensemble Vocal de l'Abbayes aux Dames (Saintes) gesungen und leite zur Zeit den Chor der Uni La Rochelle. Einflüsse auf meine Musiksprache sind etwas kosmopolitisch, im chronologischen Sinn: von Bach über Paul Hindemith bis Dave Brubeck und Ernst Krenek. Zu MOZART bin ich 1997 (wenn ich mich richtig erinnere) gekommen: ich war und bin bis heute begeistert von der Eleganz und Intelligenz dieses Programms - und von der sympathischen Art seines Erfinders in seinen Reaktionen auf Anfragen aller Art.
Dezember 2000

I am a German teacher at the University of La Rochelle.  I compose and arrange music for vocal and instrumental groups, have sung in the vocal ensemble of  "l'Abbayes aux Dames (Saintes)" and at present lead the university choir.  My musical influences are somewhat cosmopolitan and include Bach through Paul Hindermith to Dave Brubeck and Ernst Krenek.  I came to MOZART in 1997 if I remember rightly: I was, and am still, impressed...[and Alfred then goes on to say a lot of nice things about MOZART and me which I am much too modest to translate!  :-)  - DMW]

December 2000

Ian Lacey

Hi!  I claim almost no musical ability, other than a modest singing ability as a second bass. My (listening) musical interests are quite wide, from 'The Mavericks' to Stravinsky, while singing has ranged from Sea Shanties to Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, the learning of much of which has been helped by Mozart. As well as using Mozart for fun (transcribing, not composing pieces) I mainly use Mozart to develop Mozart and midi files for myself and fellow choristers to help us learn the current repertoire. I find it helps me both learn how the whole piece sounds, and also, by creating files with one part louder than the others I can learn my part, while also being able to hear what's going on elsewhere in the choir. Why Mozart, simple I can't play the piano!

June 2004

René Kurpershoek

I am a (literary) translator and amateur classical guitar player in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  I have used MOZART as the next best thing to actually playing Bach's Well-Tempered Harpsichord ("the 48").  My collection of preludes and fugues is growing slowly and unsteadily.
November 1997

(Editor's update: René has now sent me "the 48" in MOZART 3 format and they're available in one big zip file on the accessories page in the "downloads" section.  They play very well indeed.)
December 1998 

Tom Leacy

I play the classical guitar). I am a business consultant by profession but I have always enjoyed composing and the more I get to know MOZART the more it allows me to really use my imagination in my compositions.
February 2001 

Paul Lewin

My musical interests are varied. My family has a long association with brass bands. My grandfather was a trumpet player and band master. I started playing about 25 years ago and have since then played most instruments in the band. I've been deputy conductor of Douglas Town Band off and on for almost 10 years now. I've always had a burning desire to compose/arrange; having had no formal musical education apart from band playing, getting my ideas down on paper has been a laborious process. MOZART has been a great asset. Most of my arrangements so far have been hymn tunes. The Isle of Man also has a rich musical tradition. A sample of the song on the users' examples page and many others can also be heard by visiting the Manx music website  I also enjoy singing. I am married (my wife, Mary, plays piano and enjoys singing). We have a six year old son.
July 1998

(Editor's note: I hope Paul won't mind me adding, for the benefit of international members and visitors, that the Isle of Man is the large island in the Irish Sea between the North West of England and Northern Ireland. A very beautiful and historic place with its own Parliament - the House of Keys. Douglas is its capital and largest town. The Manx language (one of the Celtic group) has now largely fallen into disuse but it looks to me as if the title of the piece Paul has supplied may be an example!)

Clive Longhurst

I am from a (UK) brass band background, with 9 years service in a Parachute Regiment band, currently Treasurer and Deputy Conductor of The Sussex Band Of The Royal British Legion (Horsham). I have been using Mozart since the early days, from a CD I received on a magazine, and am now about to upgrade to M.11 and have used the programme to create original tunes, including a March titled 'Advance, The Legion', a short interlude titled 'A Night On A Lonely Moor', and many arrangements now being used by our dance band and various concert bands in my area.
December 2011

Gilles Maltais

I'm a French-Canadian History teacher (it is the equivalent of last year of high school and first year of university in the Province of Quebec educational system) and I have played classical guitar for many years.  I have learned it by myself and I needed a score system to know how some pieces were, because they were at first out of my range; I am a lot more of an amateur than a virtuoso.  I also really like to do some arranging and composing.  MOZART has the benefit of having almost all in-the-box.  This does not sound quite like the real thing at this moment, but it is better to have something close to a drum set, a bass guitar or a string section to elaborate projects than just a sheet of paper, so that I can put down, fiddle, test and print the music that has been constantly played in my head.
March 2005

Stephen J Martin

I learned the piano and clarinet at school, and have also played percussion in amateur theatre and orchestra, but never really made it as a player.  Despite this I occasionally deputise as a church organist, and am trying to teach myself the violin.  I have many favourite pieces of music, with a bias towards "20th century classical music", but becoming more varied with the passing years!   I use Mozart to make neat copy of my compositions (mostly for piano) and arrangements (mostly for organ or piano), and to experiment with orchestration (like Messrs Allom and Bednarek above).
March 2004

Michel Matos

I'm 31 years old and I'm a lawyer. I never liked choral music before, but in 1990 my girlfriend told me to participate of a new choir and, against my will, I joined.  To my surprise, after three months I was lost in love with this thing!!!  My next experience was Mozart's Requiem, and, again, I had never ever heard music so beautifull!!  After all that, I began to study music at the conservatory and today I'm a conductor of a choir.
May 1998

Wes Mays

I'm an amateur musician (professionally, I am an electrical engineer with a 20 year history of microwave and RF design) and have been playing saxophone (tenor) about 30 years.  I played through college and just didn't want to give it up, so I've continued to play in a number of jazz bands (usually 12 - 20 piece groups).  I'm currently playing in a church wind ensemble and in the "Metropolitan Winds".

I've always wanted to play in a saxophone quartet, but the limited amount of music available has been a frustration.  I originally began using Mozart about 5 years ago to experiment with saxophone arrangements of various pieces.  I started with simple church hymns and recently have been working on some classical pieces.
January 2002

Jack Miller

I play and write music as a hobby during my spare hours.  I have found the MOZART program to be most useful in getting thoughts down on paper, and in converting my ideas to actual sound.  I have an liking of all types of music and write all types as well.
February 1999

click for photoDenis Mitchell

I played alto saxophone and clarinet for over 40 years, dabbling seriously with the euphonium at one period. Have played in bands ranging from trio to Military, my first love however, is the Big Band sound, was MD. of  a MU rehearsal  band for about 7 years.  I have always had an interest in harmony and chords and since retiring amuse myself writing and orchestrating music.  Discovering Mozart has changed my life, it is an immense asset to a musician, to be able to listen to and criticise your  work.
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
January 2000

click for photo Lovemore Nanjaya

I'm a Systems Developer (specialised in developing business databases) with some music knowledge, based in Lusaka Zambia. I read music, play Classical Guitar and a bit of Piano. I like the Mozart software's sound, user-friendliness and the various other usefull features. I look forward to composing great tunes.
March 2010

click for photo Jeroen Neve

I'm a Dutchman, born in 1970. I'm an electrical engineer, but in my spare time I'm an amateur musician and a keen (ballroom) dancer.  The bass-guitar is my main instrument, and occasionally I do some campfire strumming on guitar. I mostly play 70's rock and mainstream pop songs.  I mainly use MOZART to transcribe songs, but one day I hope to compose a song myself. ( Don't hold your breath, though!)
October 2003

Michael A. Newell

I am an avid Saxophonist, participating in my high school band. I live in Florida, I'm only 16, but I have a knack for arranging works of classical, jazz/blues, and families of instruments. I personally love jazz, and it's my favorite thing to attempt to write, and arrange different standards from earlier years (and my different attempts usually end up with numerous unfinished scores, with only about 8-32 bars actually written). I also try to keep my wits about me by developing my skills on Saxophone, as well as Clarinet and some Flute, and a little Piccolo here and there.  I use MOZART to compose/arrange standards for my school Jazz Ensemble, as well as for ensembles for various instruments, or chamber music.
July 2002

Danny Newman

Hi, my name is Danny Newman, I am 27 and live in Romford, Essex.  I have been into classical music for a long time now.  My dad introduced me to Beethoven's 9th Symphony 'Choral', Grieg's Piano Concerto and Dvorak's 9th Symphony 'From the New World' when I was about 5 years old and I have loved it ever since.  I chose to go deeper into classical music and explore the myriad of compositions by, not only these three but a great many more.  People say to me "why do you have several copies of the same piece of music?" and I reply "Because every performance of a piece is unique and inexplicable".  I am particularly fond of Franz Liszt (who has been officially named as the greatest pianist that ever lived), Frédéric Chopin, Felix Mendelssohn,  Franz Josef Haydn and Ernesto Lecuona.  I have studied many books on music (particularly The Study of Orchestration) and have tried to orchestrate some piano pieces (so far, nothing profound has been produced).
June 2004

click for photo Serban Nichifor

Je suis compositeur (membre de SABAM-Belgique, d`UCMR-ADA-Roumanie, de 'Living Music Foundation'-USA, de l`ECPNM,  de l`ISCM, etc.),  Vice-President de l`Association Culturelle Roumanie-Belgique et Prof.Dr. a l`Universite Nationale de Musique de Bucarest. J`utilise couramment le magnifique programme MOZART dans mes creations et je considere qu'il represente une opportunite unique pour les compositeurs dans tous les genres, y compris dans la musique de chambre et symphonique. D`ailleurs j`avais recommande chaleureusement ce programme dans mes articles publies recemment dans les revues roumaines 'Actualitatea Muzicala' et 'Observator Cultural'. Comme projet, j`ai l`intention d`elaborer ma Septieme Symphonie en appliquant exclusivement ce merveilleux programme MOZART!

I am a composer (a member of SABAM-Belgium, of UCMR-ADA-Romania, of 'Living Music Foundation'-USA, of ECPNM,  of  ISCM, etc.),  Vice-President of the Romania-Belgium Cultural Association and Professor at the National Music University of Bucharest.  I use MOZART in my compositions and I think it represents a unique opportunity for composers in all genres, including both chamber, and symphonic music.   Moreover I have warmly recommended this program in recent articles published in the Romanian journals "Actualitatea Muzicala" and "Observator Cultural".  As a forthcoming project I plan to expand my Seventh Symphony using exclusively this marvellous program MOZART.

February 2003

Leif Olstrup

I have been playing jazz guitar for 45 years and have also been fiddling a little with clarinet and sax.  Playing guitar and turning pages at the same time is not easy.  Many tunes come as piano arrangements, making it necessary to turn pages.  And many fake books have chord symbols that are not correct or occasionally outright erratic (computer generated).  Sometimes the authors seemingly don't even know the II-V-I progression.  And sometimes I like to reharmonise myself.  Therefore, for many years I have made my own lead sheets to make one tune fit in one page and to correct the progressions if necessary.  Until Mozart I had to do them in handwriting.  Now I can have great looking, easy readable sheets.    The program is also great for transcribing from records. I like the opportunity to hear the transcription right away, to check if I got it right.   Unfortunately, because of copyright problems, I can not supply you with examples of my use of MOZART.
December 1998

Gary Openhill

Hi, I'm Gary and I use MOZART mostly to make pieces for small chamber orchestras, and also to arrange music for my 12 string bass that I (try to) play. I usually run the midi signals from MOZART into another cool program (EnergyXT) and use there a collection of samples, and add some reverb to them. Sounds better than my cheap soundcard's own midi sounds.  This way I record the scores directly to mp3 files. I just push "play" in MOZART and "record" in EnergyXT, and "VIOLA!"... I mean "VOILA"....!    Some of the music can be heard here: (Click on "music"). Some have said that they really like the music, others have kept their mouths shut.....
November 2006

Roy Østensen

I am singing in a church choir on occasions, and I played the clarinet in a school band when I was little (all Norwegian schools have their own school band, and the Day of Constitution 17 May is the driving force behind it). As my local church doesn't have any pianist to accompany the hymn singing, I am making midi files for the hymns.
March 1998

click for photoZlatoje Pajcic

I was born in 1957 in Sombor (Yugoslavia), where I started my musical career studying harmony, counterpoint and composition with Prof. Milos Lalosevic, later studying the Tamburitza with Prof. Lazar Malagurski in Subotica, as well as playing clarinet in middle school. I've several TV-performances with Tamburitza orchestras I've organised, and in 1987 had a 6 month engagement in Copenhagen. Since 1991 I have been a freelance musician living in Hamburg, and am currently working on an extensive series of tutorial books for Tamburitza, played alone and in groups. I have so far completed 10 volumes. I am also writing arrangements and transcriptions for these instruments, and have founded "TAMBURITZA PUBLICATIONS" to publish sheet music for Tamburitza.

March 2005

Having heard the MOZART output from Zlatoje's impressive arrangements (see the examples page), I felt I needed to learn more of this family of instruments.  I read all about it at the Slavonic Web which starts 

"Tamburitza is a word from the Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian language with a variety of meanings. Most literally, it is the affectionate diminutive of tambura, any one of a number of long-necked fretted string instruments derived from those brought to the Balkan peninsula by the Turks and their vassals - mainly Roma (Gypsies) - beginning in the 16th century."

 and continues with much more.  The Balkan flavour in the play-back of Zlatoje's pieces is unmistakable.  - Ed.

Andrew Perry

I live in Wirral in the North West of England. I have always been a great lover of classical music, though I do enjoy other music from time to time. I am a keyboard player, though activities these days are largely restricted to playing the piano and organ at Church on Sunday, where we sing a mixture of traditional hymns and modern worship songs.

As a keen computer user, I have always fancied the idea of getting a music processor. I finally took the plunge and bought MOZART to help out my friend Steve, who has taken up songwriting as a hobby. He writes the lyrics, makes up the tune and sings the song on to a tape. Being unable to read music himself, Steve benefits from my help in scoring and arranging. A group of us get together every so often to perform the songs, just for fun. Steve does however have a small claim to fame, having had the occasional broadcast of his work on BBC Radio Merseyside.

My older daughter Sarah plays in "Wirral Sound", a local band of the Boys' and Girls' Brigades, and has started using MOZART to write out her music. The band leaders have also got a copy of MOZART - very useful to have the same package. 
June 2002

Colin Prince

I'm a bagpiper and saxophonist (so who said you need to be a musician?) I started playing the pipes about 25 years ago, and the alto sax around 3 years ago. I use Mozart to transcribe pipe music for the pipe band I play in (Pietermaritzburg Caledonian Society Pipe Band ), as well as to transpose concert pitch music to play on the sax. I would like to start creating MIDI files to use for accompaniment while playing the sax. I have (vague, undefined) plans to try a bit of composing at some stage, using MOZART, but will probably start by trying to arrange existing pieces for my instruments. For a living I do a little bit of everything with computers
February 2002

Michael Richardson

I'm thirteen years old, play the piano and have always loved to write music instead of actually playing someone else's. Obviously, this can cause problems when it comes to grades!
May 2001

click for photoIngo Riess

Being an amateur musician, I play different instruments (soprano and tenor sax, flute, piano, guitar, bass, voice, tin whistle, kitchen chairs etc.) without being good on any of them. I record my songs on a 8-track recorder and even got one of them published on CD (as "Ingraban")...  true!   What kind of music?  Well, I try to find the perfect cross-over of baroque and ska music - difficult, but hopefully possible.
September 2000

Josh Roach

I am a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.  I play trumpet as well as compose.  I am currently a junior in high school.  I listen to a wide array of music, but only compose "classical" (instrumental non-jazz) music.   I have actually only been composing for two years, and as what started out as being a thing to use for the advancement of trumpet playing, became eventually a hobby and then possibly a career option.  Mozart has allowed me to explore my creative side and helped me develop as a trumpet player, composer, and musician.
March 2000

Raymond Robijns

I arrived in this world in 1944 in the biggest town on the river Amstel - Amsterdam.  My sister and I inherited a fine ear for music from our parents, and at the age of four I crawled behind the piano and learned from my father how to read the music. Soon I played too - with tiny hands like a young Mozart - and also developed perfect pitch, to the amazement of well-known Dutch musicians who frequented our house.  Everything pointed to a career and study at the Amsterdam Conservatory, but due to circumstances in the family it was not possible. But I kept on playing and with success. The media mentioned being a 'young Rubinstein'.  Later I gave home recitals, as well as further affield in Holland and abroad. A word of thanks to my teachers: Jan Scholten, Gerard Vlake, Sylvain van Amerongen (cello), Johan Weegenhuise (well-known Dutch composer).

Every child starts with Burgmüller or Clementi and will soon go to the simplified scores of compositions of Mozart and Haydn. My sister and I played quatre-mains at parties and at child recitals just for fun, and always had appreciative audiences.   A wide variety of music has been important to me: from Scarlatti, J S Bach (Wohltemperierte Clavier), Haydn, Mozart, via Beethoven and Schubert to Chopin (first inspired by attending a concert of the great 'master' Rubinstein at the Concertgebouw).  Also Scriabin, Mussorgsky, Satie, Poulenc, Milhaud, all the way to Scott Joplin and Oscar Peterson -  wonderful music to listen to - and many others.

Our piano, was very old and a bit poor (what should one expect just after the War?). But it served well until I could afford a Grand Piano - wonderful instrument with a very subtle intonation.  Later I learned to play the cello, which I had first encountered at concerts at home.  In my youth I was privileged to play several excellent church organs, including at the Moses and Aaron church (Amsterdam),  Westminster Abbey (London),  and at the church of H. Antonius Abt (Scheveningen).  Now, as my hands get older,  I have bought a powerful PC but still have a lot of electronic gear on my wish list!  I use: Mozart, Cubasis VST 4.0, with The Grand VST, and the CoolEdit, Jazz++ sequencer, Roland JV-1010 with expansion board 3(Piano) and a two channels mixer, more to amplify my Sennheiser HD270 headphones - and of course my ears which tell me all the time that a digital sound never has the quality of an 'analogue recording'.

My website, contains original compositions made with MOZART.
April 2003
Updated December 2005

(2018: link defunct?)

Norman Rondeau

Currently a resident of the state of Texas, I have traveled the world. I studied music under the late Howard Brubeck, brother of the great jazz musician Dave Brubeck. The influence of the Brubecks will probably show in some of the pieces I will be submitting here. My hope is that they will be enjoyed by anyone listening to them at least as much as I enjoyed composing them. My thanks to Dave Webber and his great program Mozart the Music Processor for making this possible. Enjoy!
March 2000

David Ryan

I'm a pianist, drummer and composer based in Kingston, SW London, UK. For about 12 years I've been writing modern classical piano music and finally I have an affordable tool to get the music notated and distributed! Mozart has been incredibly helpful to me since it is versatile, easy and fun to use. My evenings have often been spent experimenting with new harmonies or tunes for my existing pieces. The results are on my website, which is, judge for yourself whether Mozart has been of benefit or not! Seriously, classical piano is wonderful, and I hope my website conveys that impression. Other musical interests include drumming as part of the band at Kings Church, Kingston, a NFI Christian church who are like family to me. God bless!
November 2005

(2018: Link defunct?)

click for photoVincent J Sanzotti

I have been an instrumental music teacher and band director since 1966. I am now retired from public school music and live in Pennsylvania, using Mozart for composition and arranging. Many of my arrangements have been played by the local symphony orchestra of which I'm a member. I play with a concert band during the summer months and have written pieces for that ensemble as well.
January 2003

Martin Schäppi

My name is Martin Schäppi.  I have been a hobby-programmer for more than 15 years (I've done EDP as a voluntary subject at school). This has become my job: I program database applications. Music also has been my hobby since I was a child. The first instrument I learned was my voice, then flute and occarina and later accordion. I didn't really succeed, because I couldn't practise enough to play well.  Now I like the guitar best, and it's the only instrument I still play - not very well, but I enjoy it. Using MOZART I combine my two hobbies; for me it's the easiest way to play my own good music or to rearrange pieces of music.
December 1997

Lawrie Schonfelder

I am a member of an amateur choir but with no formal musical training; self-taught 3 chord guitar and folk singing in the 1960's is where I am coming from. I can't sight read music but as a retired academic I can read books about reading music. I therefore use Mozart to create a computerised version of the choral works we are performing. These can then be played with emphasis on my, bass, part. This helps greatly my learning of the piece and the part. For what its worth I have contributed a fairly complete version of the "Requiem Aeternam" from the Verdi Requiem. I don't usually go as far as this as it takes a great deal of time, even with Mozart, to input such a multi-part score. More frequently I merely input the chorus parts as in "The Heavens are telling" from Haydn's Creation. Nevertheless both the process of creating the Mozart score and following its playback is a great way of learning the music.
December 2006

Bill Schwartz

My wife and I originally found the Mozart 'Shareware' in it's early stages and have been regularly upgrading since then.  Chris (a soprano and tenor) and I (a baritone) both sing with the Stark Raving MADrigal Singers here in Ann Arbor and have sung with several groups performing liturgical music.  We both play in a community band (Chris plays Eb soprano clarinet, soprano sax and percussion, I play trumpet and flugelhorn) and we also play in small traditional jazz groups whenever we can.  Mozart has made it possible to have combine or rearrange parts when necessary, as well as transpose music. We've also used Mozart files to work on our skills by deleting the part from the score in a "Practice file".  Perhaps the greatest benefit has been having a way to write arrangements for Chris's clarinet sextet (Eb, 2 Bb, Alto, Bass & ContraAlto).  There are NO arrangements for this 14 yr. old combination of clarinets, so Mozart has made possible years of public performance of all types of music, regardless of its original configuration. We have both looked forward to each improvement in Mozart over the years.
December 2005

Andy Scott

I use MOZART in conjunction with Evolution Audio Lite to add stereo, reverb and chorus effects to give the full glory! More of my stuff can be found at under "TP's Music" - all of them were made using MOZART and Evo Lite.
August 1998

Danny Scott

I am from Exton, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, USA. I have been a singer, songwriter, composer and arranger for many years. I began using Mozart 5 several years ago and fell in love with its ease and power. I just upgraded to Mozart 11 and am very impressed. I have just finished writing a musical called, "Places!" which is scheduled to open in February at a local community theater. I have been using Mozart to write my lead sheets, and the orchestrations for the show.
November 2012

Keith Slayden

I am a computer consultant for the Cornell University Law School in Ithaca, New York.  I have a vocal music degree from the Ithaca College School of Music, and am currently a member of the professional music group the "Cayuga Vocal Ensemble".  I am new to MOZART and plan to use it to write a capella vocal music.  My current project is a Requiem, in memory of my father who passed away in 1995.
November 1997

Bill Smith

I am retired after 20 years in the US Navy. Then I worked as a pipe organ builder from 1988 until 1992 and had to stop for health reasons. Now I am Organist at St. Johns Episcopal Church in Marion NC. My musical interests are varied. My listening preferences range from Classical to Celtic Traditional, and my playing preferences range from very old to quite new. I enjoy Gregorian Chant, but don't use it in services, as a rule. I enjoy Blues, and have used some of that (twice in the past year) in services, much to the delight of the congregation.
August 2003

P E Smith

I've been writing now for over twenty years, I am a self taught musician vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player, playing and composing pieces for both piano and nylon guitar also writing lyrics and songs.
August 2003

Henrik von Sydow

I'm a network director at SVT (the telly branch of the Swedish Broadcasting Corp.) - but also an amateur clarinettist devoted (well) to chamber music, especially clarinet choir. Over the years, I have tried the patience of innumerable fellow clarinettists with my transcriptions. But there was always a key change not taken into account, a passage forgotten, etc., etc.  Embarrassing! Such limited cred from my own gang! Now, MOZART  lets me monitor [F2] the result before the music ends up on the stand. AND it's at least as fast as the old ballpoint pen. Often a lot faster [F8]! AND you don't get whiteout all over your sleeves and on your lap...   Any fellow clarinettists-transcribers out there?
January 1998

Szabo Arpad Zoltan

I'm a student at Debrecen University, Faculty of Law, 4th year. My hobbies are: playing the organ, and recorder; programming computer. I've studied Latin and a little piece of ancient Greek for a semester at the Faculty of Classical Philology, so I'm interested in almost every branch of 'septem artes liberales' :-)
November 2003

Arpad is creating a "MOZART repository" where anyone can upload and download files in MOZART (.mz) format at  This is a very welcome development and definitely worth a look!   

In case anyone is wondering about his inclusion here under 'S',  Arpad also tells me that, in accordance with Hungarian custom, Szabo is his surname and that his friends call him Arpad . - Ed.

click for photoSimen Trovatten Taraldsen

I am a part-time composer and instrumentalist from Norway.   I am currently playing the French Horn in Strindheim Janitsjar (that is a wind/marching band here in my hometown of Trondheim).   I also play the Tuba, Guitar and Keyboards, but my favourite instrument is the Euphonium - because of its beautiful sound, and  its extreme range & agility.   In 1996 I was in the army, playing French Horn in His Majesty The King's Guards Band, and the Guitar in The King's Guards Big Band.  I do a lot of composing and arranging - mostly for wind band, but I have also made several "pieces" which I use as backing when I play the Guitar (as loud as possible).  As for now I am working on a big piece for Euphonium & Piano in "arabic/egyptian" mood.  Mozart has really improved my skills as composer/arranger - since I now can correct errors almost immediately  (and save money on expensive manuscript paper).
June 2001

Jolanthe de Tempe

I am an experienced amateur player of Renaissance and early Baroque music. I used to play the flauto traverso and the harpsichord. For the last 10 years the violoncello and the voice have been my favorite instruments. I use MOZART for at least two purposes: either to produce clean copies of my parts to get rid of all my own pencil notes on the old copies, or to transcribe the original sources when modern editions don't exist or are not satisfactory.
May 1999

Willem Teuben

I started using Mozart when I played with and conducted bands that were so specific of instrumentation that existing arrangements would never work. Most pieces I created through Mozart are usable for Big Band and/or Brass Band in various instrumentation.
December 2006

Jamie Thom

I originally got Mozart 2 back when it was first released in 1996 or something and have had about four years of good use out of it. I finally gritted my teeth and got the latest version and I am very glad that I did - it does everything extra that I could have hoped for and more. I use Mozart to arrange music for my string quartet "4-forte" for which it remains invaluable.
September 2000

Eddy Tryselaar

I stumbled across Mozart by accident in the days of the Mark 1 version, it is now an integral part of my music writing. I play jazz bass in a little jazz group that works on the the music as written by Django Rheinhardt and Stephanne Grappelli. I also sing tenor in a community choir called The Wairarapa Singers. For written scores, Mozart is invaluable. It does a pretty fantastic job of playing back a score too.
December 2006

click for photo click for photoMark Venn

I direct recorder consorts and arrange early music for them - as shown in the pieces included in the collection.   These examples are not intended to "show off" specific features of Mozart or display the ingenuity of the user, but represent the package being used in anger to prepare music from which an early music consort can play.  Since the music is played mainly on recorders in the consorts, it will not sound correct if played directly from within Mozart (soprano recorders sounding an octave higher than written). To make it sound correct, either all Soprano lines need to be transposed up one octave, or all Alto and Tenor lines need to be transposed down one octave. (I get the message - MOZART should be able to do this automatically - but see below - Ed.)
October 1997


Mark has just sent the photograps of himself in "ancient and modern" modes.  He now also has his own "windcaps" web site.
May 2001

This also gives me the opportunity to add that the automatic octave transpositions he mentions have since been added to MOZART in release 5 - Ed.
May 2001

James Ward

I bought a Harpsichord almost 20 years ago (for my daughter) and whilst I have always preferred classical Baroque music,  I had no working knowledge of music or the playing of any instrument.  I joined the Harpsichord classes at Morley College in London 4 years ago, then my difficulty was reading, interpreting and actually playing a score.  I have gained my musical knowledge from the use of MOZART, to be able to both hear and especially see how the music is formed - and then wrote some!
October 1999

click for photo JennyWebber

The long-suffering daughter of the author of MOZART has written various school and university assignments using the program, and contributed to its development over many years by letting dad know exactly what was wrong with it. Since university she has been teaching music first at high school level and now in a sixth form college. Her pupils have been using MOZART for notational aspects of the curriculum.
October 1997
Updated December 2002

Tom Webber

The almost equally long-suffering son of the author of MOZART has also used the program extensively. Currently studying Physics at Durham University, his current major musical interest is in playing trombone in the university Big Band.
December 2002

click for photo David Webber

I am the author of MOZART living near Warrington in the North West of England.  I started writing MOZART years before I dreamed of making it available because I wanted to arrange music. (This is the only known instance of me being a do-it-yourself enthusiast!)  There's more about me elsewhere on these pages.   I currently play alto and soprano saxes (and am latterly rediscovering the clarinet)  with assorted groups including  Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats (a big band).
October 1997
Last updated February 2008

Amy White

A North Carolina native, living near Raleigh, I've been singing longer than I can remember.  I took voice lessons for several years and am a lyric soprano, but can also sing contralto or tenor, since I have a three-octave range.  I took piano lessons for three years (age 8-11) until my teacher quit giving lessons, and then I continued working through the course books by myself. I sight-read and play very well, but I get performance jitters.  I've composed several pieces and have been arranging many of them using MOZART.  It can play all my music without getting stage fright. (
November 1997

Rodney Young

Musical interests: choral singing (sacred & secular),   playing the recorder & composing the odd piece from time to time.  Catholic (with both C and c initially) tastes in music, preferred period Renaissance/Baroque (but by no means exclusively).  One of the  choirmasters I work with keeps producing music written in his own inimitable scrawl;  the music tends to be of a high order and hence worth setting properly on MOZART.



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