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"The wide availability [of Mozart] in school, as well as the fact that it has allowed all pupils to have the chance to purchase a copy for a reasonable fee, means that they have more time to work on their compositions. Our GCSE results in music last year were the best yet, and one pupil received full marks at GCSE composition! Indeed 10 pupils were entered for the exam a year early and we had 2 A-star grades, 6 A's and a B and a C. The year 11 results were also extremely impressive and a large part of this success was due to the improvement in composition facilitated by the use of Mozart."

Peter Moss
Head of Music, Archbishop Blanch School, Liverpool, UK

"Mozart is the first software I purchased back in the 1990's (version 3) after the initial setup of my first computer. It has opened new worlds in my musical journey. I thought it would be something I would just play with, but once it was on my computer, I found more and more uses for it as it helped me grow as a musician."

Cindy Pedder
Flutist, arranger, composer, Springfield, Virginia, USA

"Nous sommes très enchantés par ses performances tout à fait exceptionelles: accessibilité, efficacité, stabilité, et une admirable application pour le domaine de la composition musicale. ... un des plus importantes programmes de musique ... réalisation extraordinaire!"

Professors Liana Alexandra Moraru and Serban Nichifor,
National Music University, Bucharest, Romania.

"I have been using Mozart for Music Processing since Version 4, and have been exceptionally pleased with its user-friendliness and effectiveness, and economy compared with some of its competitors. The user group is without parallel in providing 'get-outs' and ideas for some of the more unusual aspects that are encountered and I have been very encouraged by the extent to which Dave himself participates in this. As the Musical Director of Malmesbury Concert Band - one of my musical interests - I frequently have to provide (virtually print quality) additional or transposed parts, and Mozart allows me to undertake this with great facility. This software has my unreserved support."

Tony Fleming
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK

"I purchased Mozart in (approx) November of 2002. To this day, I am VERY happy with the program. As an amateur recorder player, Mozart has greatly simplified my task of providing music for some of the ensembles I play in. But most any music processing program will do that.... What sets Mozart apart from all the rest, in my opinion, is the incredible support... Try it, you'll like it."

James W (Bill) Patterson
Dallas, Texas, USA

"Mozart is an easy, intuitive (and inexpensive) way to get music onto the page. And the users' discussion group rapidly answers all questions one can't immediately solve from the excellent online support file. I have used it for eight years or so (since version six) and as well as being an indispensable tool, Mozart and the discussion group have educated me about music in more ways than I would have thought possible."

John McLaughlin
Arranger for small and large recorder groups Eltham, London, UK

"Mozart is the only high quality program I know of where you can submit help requests and have the author of the program answer your question, solve a bug or do both while also making witty and accurate responses to any off topic subject you may also bring up. A five star program, for sure."

Norman E Rondeau
Long Time Mozart User

"I've been using Mozart since 1994, when a friend gave me a floppy with the first edition. Since then, although the core use remains melody and chords for the session at our local pub, I've been able to deal with ever-more complicated music. This includes four-part arrangements for vocal groups, my own compositions for small dance bands (with percussion), production of guitar tab, easy conversion of guitar chords to piano arrangement, and transcription of some of the carols from the Oxford Book of Carols (for private use and study.) Because I can only play guitar, Mozart's ability to play the music for me means I can compose or arrange for flute, fiddle, banjo or other lead instrument and practise my parts in a local dance band at whatever speed I need."

Mitch Park
Hastings, New Zealand

"I have used Mozart since version 5, and nothing beats it in terms of ease of use and ongoing support. It certainly opened up a world of opportunities for my brass band arranging activities, and I am more than happy to endorse it on my current web site.
Frankly; pound for pound, it is simply the best product of its kind. It even surpasses programmes costing a great deal more."

Barry Brookes
Composer and Arranger, Telford, UK

"When I was first presented with the manuscript "James E. Frill's Musick Book, Reading [Pennsylvania, U.S.A.], August 17th, 1830", I looked around at music programs and chose Mozart for the great printing quality when I transcribed the original to a more easily readable notation, and very reasonably priced too. This was, I think, with Mozart ver. 1. When I was finally ready to publish, Mozart had added justification (ver. 5) which made the printing even better looking, so I updated. I've found that Mozart, over the years, has met just about all my needs for music notation, with really fine printable versions which are easy to read."

Carl Baron, Ambler, PA, U.S.A.
A Goschenhoppen and old time fiddler, a clarinetist and shape note singer

"I have been using Mozart for 10 years after discovering a trial copy on a CD included with Computer Shopper in August 1999 and from a musical perspective it has changed my life. This last ten years has been the most creative period of my life. Before Mozart I had to do everything by hand, the trial and error part being what I inflicted on the various bands I was working with. I have achieved things that I never thought I was capable of. Mozart is great, you can enter a simple tune hear what it sounds like as you enter the notes, play about with different chords till you get the sound you are looking for and then add the parts for the rest of your combo. In is then a simple matter to transpose where necessary and print the individual parts.
"The help section is first class, comprehensive and easy to understand. An added bonus is the Mozart users group, no matter where you live on this planet or what sort of music you are involved with, there is help and friendship available. The world has become a smaller place since the inception of Mozart. Many members of the users group have contributed ideas and suggestions to the development of Mozart. Because of it's worldwide use it has been tested on everything from Baroque to Boogie, from Hymns to Honky-tonk.
"I was 80 on my last birthday, I suppose I could be one of the oldest Mozart users so I hope I've got a few more years of composing left before I start decomposing."

Denis Mitchell
Arranger Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

"If Mozart had used MOZART, he would have finished the Requiem."

Lawrence Toal
Bass singer, guitarist, amateur composer, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Magazine reviews

With Mozart much of the drudgery of preparing new music is eliminated. You can cut and paste sections of music and transpose notes and it automatically aligns notes in parallel parts. You can add the full range of note accents, rests and other symbols to to your music with treble, bass, alto, and tenor clef options as well as triplets and other multiplets. For lyrics and comments you can add text in any installed TrueType font. ... In use, it's immediately noticeable that Mozart has been designed to be a practical tool for serious work, but anyone with adequate musical knowledge should soon find it as easy to use as a word-processing package.

PC Plus. No. 105. July 1995. p. 373. "Shareware scene: Mozart".

One of the very best shareware music notation packages we've ever come across. If you'd like to produce your own sheet music you must try this out.

Computer Life. No. 9. December 1995. p. 10. "Mozart"

[Mozart] offers many of the features of its more expensive counterparts, such as providing score templates, part extraction, playback which observes dynamics, supporting transposing instruments, the ability to import MIDI files and a wide variety of musical symbols.

Classical Music. No. 680. 31 March 2001. p. 43. "Intelligent programming"

Mozart is a music processor designed to work just like a word processor, but for the printing of sheet music. It's not a music sequencer, as it's intended primarily for the production of sheet music, but on systems with sound - particularly MIDI - the music can be played either with straight classical rhythmic interpretation or in a swing style.

PC Home. No. 113. 2001. p. 45. ISSN 1351-5373. "Making music with your PC"

Mozart 4.1 acts like a word processor for music. A music processor if you will. Built-in features enable you to compose your music in the correct notation with characters and icons available to print out for use in the real world. If you're a playwright writing a play in Word, you don't have the option of having the software act out the play for you. With Mozart 4.1, however, a full synthesised orchestra is at your fingertips, ready and eager to play the music. You can compose, edit, assign instruments, and save in the universal Midi file format.

PC Format. No. 168. December 2004. p. 115. "Mozart 4.1"

Mozart 10 is now available from Mozart is a top-quality music notation program which delivers print-out and instant play-back for anything from a single melody line to a full orchestral score, at a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay for such state-of-the-art user-friendly software. Features include: fast, intuitive note entry via the computer keyboard; multiple staves; lyrics; percussion; tablature; comprehensive instrument data base; strict adherence to music syntax; instant transposition and much, much more. Mozart comes with a comprehensive help system, and a step-by-step tutorial manual and full internet support.

QA Education. No. 63. Winter 2010. p. 29. "Mozart – a top quality music notation program"

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