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Entering and editing music

Mozart is designed for speed of music entry:


keyboard "Type in" your music very rapidly with Mozart's wide range of keyboard shortcuts, or...

home ...there's a Windows Ribbon Bar for entering and editing music with the mouse, or...

pianotool ...enter notes with Mozart's virtual piano keyboard tool, or with a connected MIDI keyboard.




Illustrating: classical piano music


Illustrating: guitar chords and percussion


Illustrating: jazz font, transposing instruments


Illustrating: triplets, crescendo, and guitar tablature


Illustrating: shape note singing






miscellaneous notes rests bar-lines accents phrase marks sforzando 8va tremoli gracenote ornaments ties accidentals jazzgliss dynamic chordnames chordshape 2nd time bar clef styles rehearsal marks hairpins reiteration tempo accidentals

...and more!


File formats

Mozart can export:

  • musicXML
  • MIDI
  • abc

Mozart can import:

  • musicXML
  • MIDI
  • NIFF
  • abc



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