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Mozart in your language

With your help we can now create a version of Mozart in your language.





Since its creation in 1994, Mozart has only been available in English, the mother tongue of its author.    We are now looking for a way to do better than that.

If we were to commission professional translations, then the cost would be reflected in Mozart's price, and this would be incompatible with our wish to provide high quality software at an affordable price.   We must therefore find another way.

Accordingly we are proposing to adopt a method originally used by the authors of the "Oxford English Dictionary", who enlisted the help of an army of volunteers, each of whom researched a few words.

If you can help us by translating some of Mozart's text, then we will include it in a free language module, using which Mozart will appear in your language.    Even if you can only manage a small amount of text, we can include it and issue an update for everyone to download.  

In this way the translation will gradually become more and more complete.

We are currently interested primarily in the menu text, the dialogue boxes, the tool tips and the "tips of the day".

If you can help us in this way to create a version of Mozart in your language,  please get in contact with dave@mozart.co.uk

Thank you.



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