Mozart: how do I get help?

Help is available through the channels below.

Mozart's help system and tutorials


In Mozart 13,14 the help menu is here.

help menu

In Mozart 15 help topics are on their own tab.

help tab

Mozart has a very extensive help system, available from its help menu. There is an extensive index and you can search for any words. Pressing F1 in Mozart with any dialogue box showing will tell you how to use it.

Also available form Mozart's help menu is a system of tutorials, which take you through the basics in an order designed to make the learning curve easy and gradual. You can work from the tutorial manual on screen, or print the current chapter of interest.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a problem, please check the frequently asked questions on this site. The answer may be there.

Is the answer in the information pages?

The information pages contain a lot of useful stuff. It may be worth browsing occasionally to see what's there which might help.


Are you up to date?

If you still have a problem, it may have been fixed already. Check which version of Mozart you're using (with Mozart's "Help-About Mozart" menu) and visit the support page to see if there's a free service pack appropriate for your version. If there is, it may have solved your problem.

Asking questions

If your question is still unanswered, then the best place to ask it is on the Mozart discussion group.

If you ask there, others benefit from the answers. The author of Mozart is there, but so are many others who are happy to answer questions and explore best solutions to problems.


Is what you need in a more recent version?

Mozart is continually improving. If you haven't got it already, the latest version may do what you need. The upgrade is available at a large discount, to anyone who has bought any earlier version of Mozart

If all else fails...

..we're here to help.



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