Irregular Dances

This suite of duets for alto and tenor saxophones is by David Webber, the author of MOZART.
These duets are conceived as intimate dances between the instruments: sometimes in step, sometimes opposing, sometimes one coaxing the other to join the dance. Their titles reflect the dances which inspired them, but their deliberate irregularities of phrase and metre are the choreography in which the instruments are dancers and the music itself is the dance. The suite has been also adapted for strings by the Romanian composer Şerban Nichifor and recorded at the Bucharest National Music University. The "play" buttons on this page access MIDI versions generated by MOZART, but the recordings are also available in Real Audio format.

Irregular Dances
Tango Tango
Siciliana Siciliana
Habanera Habanera
Valse Valse

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