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Mozart the music processor™ is music notation software for computers running Microsoft Windows.  Mozart allows you to type in music notation - as easily as entering text in a word processor - view it on the screen, hear it, edit it, and then print high quality music scores and individual parts for musicians.

Mozart's in-built knowledge of music syntax lets you create scores and parts quickly and efficiently. These pages contain extensive information about Mozart: lists of features; illustrated examples; what you need to run it; how to download the evaluation copy; how to buy the full Virtuoso Edition.


try Mozart free!  

Download a fully functional, free evaluation copy of Mozart and start composing now!

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This evaluation copy works with no restrictions for 30 days while you decide whether you like it enough to buy the program.

mozart viewer

free Mozart viewer!  

View, print, and play Mozart music files!

Download Viewer

If you don't have Mozart you can use this free program to learn or print your parts.


the Mozart community  

Questions; answers; discussion; musical ideas; friendly help from other Mozartists.

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Views and reviews   

Comments of Mozartists and reviewers.

What can I create with Mozart?

Click on the titles below to see just a few examples.

 ChopinJoplinCareless LoveBill Bailey 
 The Silvery MoonFrankie & JohnnieYour Feet's Too Big 
 Yellow Dog Blues p1Yellow Dog Blues p2 
  Irish Tunes Concerto Midwinter p1Midwinter p2 
Chopin: Op69 No2 - for piano



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