North Cheshire Concert Band
(now North Cheshire Wind Orchestra)

The North Cheshire Concert Band (now North Cheshire Wind Orchestra) is a symphonic wind ensemble based in Warrington. From time to time it finds itself playing from scores and parts produced with MOZART!

There is more information about the band on the North Cheshire Wind Orchestra web site.




The North Cheshire Concert Band performing at the Parr Hall, Warrington, in November 1997.
The author of MOZART is to be seen in the middle on alto sax -
concentrating on something other than MOZART for once!
This is a family activity with wife Margaret ("if you can't beat them join them")
on tenor (rightmost sax in shot) and son Tom on trombone (middle of the three).


nccb03.jpg (19165 bytes)

Dave Webber (centre) dangerously outgunned by Helen Masterton (left) and Margaret Webber (right) in the dressing room prior to a North Cheshire Concert Band performance in December 1999.

nccbmenai.gif (93935 bytes)

The official photo shoot: the North Cheshire Concert Band at its 3rd annual rehearsal weekend
away from it all at Canolfan Conwy on Anglesey   (February 2000)




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