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New in Mozart 11

Mozart 11 was released in September 2011.
It introduced the following new features.


Overall appearance

Mozart's overall appearance and has been updated, with tabbed multiple documents:

mozart 11 main window x


User interface

There are more toolbars and clearer tooltips:

3 x



Beams and phrase marks offer more flexibility:

phrase 1 phrase 2


Tuplet reiterations offer more flexibility; dynamics may be attached to notes to keep them from straying; use of the anacrusis is now more flexible.


Music fonts

The Mozart Jazz Font is bundled with Mozart 11, offering a choice of 'classic' or 'jazz' appearance.  Text reformatting on changing music fonts is expedited.

jazz fontjazz font



Text entries and page format

*Text entries on the page, unchanged thus far since Mozart 1, have now been completelty overhauled facilitating:

  • improved titling
  • verses at the bottom of the page
  • titles between pieces on the same page




x ** x


File formats

  • Mozart now imports MusicXML format making a wide body of work available to Mozart users.
  • MusicXML also provides an improved interface (over NIFF) with various scanning programs.
  • Mozart 11 can save files compatible with Mozart 9 and/or Mozart 10, as well as reading files from any earlier version of Mozart.




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